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HE 20 Meter 8 Horses

The Professional for Professionals

A high quality and technologically advanced design. Made with heavy duty arms and a stylish centre piece including top cover.
The exerciser as standard is equipped with safety precautions including lightweight impact proof horse friendly drift fences. The walk-trot control box controls the exercise of your horse. By using the 2 way switch you can choose from only walk or walk-trot.

  • Including walk-trot box
  • Shock preparation included
  • Electronic breaking system
  • Safety slip system
  • Silent operation
  • Only 0.5 kW power consumption
  • Industrial gear motor
  • Safety features
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Massive central ball bearing
  • Dynamical
  • All steel parts are galvanized acc. Highest specifications
  • CE- marked


Shock device set - foto Shock device set
Electrical shock device set, provides electrical shock on the horse exerciser. Contains: in plastic safety box build shock device, 16 meter ground cable and earth rod with clamp.
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Horse trainer shock device - foto Horse trainer shock device
The Q-line Horse trainer is a shock device which can be adjusted in voltage with a potentiometer. Whether you have young scary horses in the exerciser or stubborn stallions, the device can be adjusted for every situation so you can train your horses safe in the Q-line horse exerciser
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Control button shock device - foto Control button shock device
Control button build in control boxWCB 1,1, or WCB 2,1 for switching on or of the electrical shock.
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WTCB3 - foto WTCB3
The programmable walk trot computer exercises your horses the easiest way. You can combine endless because every step is programmable. Easy to use true a numeric control panel. including switch for electrical shock device
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Emergency knob box - foto Emergency knob box
Emergency knob box with 5 metre cable for extra safety
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Automatic lubrication system - foto Automatic lubrication system
The automatic lubrication system is made for the lubrication of the central ball bearing. The system is independent and you can refill it with a grease shell. Compact and reliable, 12 months no maintenance, Usable from -15 to +60 degrees Celsius, Refill grease shells, Multi functional, No chemical waist. The system comes with couplers, hose and connector for ball bearing.
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Irrigation horse exerciser - foto Irrigation horse exerciser
This irrigation system keeps hoof path dust free . By placing a spray tube on one of the cross arms the hoof path can be equally irrigated. The middle unit of the horse exerciser will be fit with a rotating coupling through which the water will flow trough to the spray tube. There also is a flexible RCS hose placed under the coupling including a tapping valve.
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Powder coating - foto Powder coating
All horse exercisers can be powder coated in all RAL colours Powder coating gives a shiny and robust look. Price per meter of the diameter.
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Control box heating - foto Control box heating
Heating element build in control box for horse exerciser. Prevents condensation and freezing of the electrical components. Made of heating element with temperature sensor which switches below 5 degr Celsius.
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Install horse exerciser - foto Install horse exerciser
Installation of horse exerciser. (drive at the head costs, tickets, hotel and expenses not included)
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Basic fence 20 Meter - foto Basic fence 20 Meter
Basic fence 20 mtr, creosotated milled poles round 12cm with champered head and point, 1 planed toprails 5x 10 cm, 1 planed kick board 3,2x14,5 cm, 1 gate incl gate poles 15x15x300cm hinges and shutter, incl all fixings.
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Fence planks 20 Meter - foto Fence planks 20 Meter
1 layer creosotated planed planks 3,2x15cm L=2,1m, incl. screws for 20 mtr fence. (this option is needed in combination with the basic fence)
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Fence band 20 Meter - foto Fence band 20 Meter
1 layer band, width of band 100mm black pvc with 2 layers canvas, including clips and screws for 20 metre fence. (this option is needed in combination with the basic fence)
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Install fencing (per meter) - foto Install fencing (per meter)
Installation of fence per mtr of the diam. Drive at the head costs/tickets/hotelcosts not included.
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