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Nozzle irrigation 30x90

To get a equal moist soil which is good for horse and rider you need a professional riding arena irrigation system.  A regular irrigated riding arena has a longer lifetime and a better riding surface. A good and dust free riding surface is guaranteed. To realize a irrigation system in your riding arena depends on various parameters. Above the hoof path is a separate installed yet nozzle pipe for exact irrigation.

The optimum divided sprinklers will give a perfect irrigated surface. Standard this system is automatic controlled, the special control box will allow you to make various programs for your arena surface.

  • High quality produced nozzles     
  • Over years tested controls
  • Heavy duty materials
  • Separate hoof path irrigation
  • Simple to control
  • Perfect water deviation
  • Included automatic water outlet


Self priming pump 30x70-90 - foto Self priming pump 30x70-90
3*230V 2,2kW 4bar 12000l/h
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