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Spare parts horse exerciser


LBE shock preparation - foto LBE shock preparation
Electrical shock preparation build under the LBE walker including sliding ring and brushes.
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Electrical shock kit - foto Electrical shock kit
Q-line developed a set which you can build on the exerciser afterwards, in case the exerciser is not prepared for an electrical shock system
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WCB1 - foto WCB1
Provides your horse the daily exercise. Standard equipped with adjustable timer for direction change. Speed is easy to adjust with the speedometer.
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€ 595.00 excl VAT
Lubrication spare shell - foto Lubrication spare shell
Spare lubrication shell for HE ALSlc
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€ 48.00 excl VAT
Mesh push fence - foto Mesh push fence
Mesh wire push fence 2mtrx1,5mtr suitable for multiple horse exercisers with a walkway from 2,2 to 2,5 meters.
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€ 72.00 excl VAT
Protection for MPF215 - foto Protection for MPF215
Plastic protection, covering the edges of the mesh wire push fence. (MPF 215)
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€ 39.00 excl VAT
Mesh fence + PVC flap - foto Mesh fence + PVC flap
Drift fence suitable for multiple horse exercisers with a walkway from 2,2 to 2,5 meters. Galvanized mesh wire mat 2x1 meters with plastic protection covering the edges and 0,5 mtr PVC flap
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€ 135.00 excl VAT
Fixing set mesh fence - foto Fixing set mesh fence
Suspension straps for fixing mesh drift fences on walker included self tapping bolts.
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€ 9.00 excl VAT
Light weight drift fence - foto Light weight drift fence
Light weight impact proof horse friendly drift fence . Made of aluminum horizontal pipe 3 mtr with 10 electrical conducting impact proof drop rods 1,6 mtr. used for a walk way width of 2,2-2,5 mtr
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€ 220.00 excl VAT
Adaptorset driftfence - foto Adaptorset driftfence
Connector set for mounting HE SF216 on a other brand walker. Consist brackets for aluminium pipe, threaded rods and brackets for square arm tube
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€ 45.00 excl VAT
Drift fence sight modification - foto Drift fence sight modification
Sight modification strap, for Light weight impact proof horse friendly drift fence very suitable for stallions. Price per piece.
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Aluminium driftfence - foto Aluminium driftfence
Aluminium drift fence horizontal pole 3 mtr incl 7 drop rods of 1,5 mtr
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€ 165.00 excl VAT
Clip for band  - foto Clip for band
Clip for band 100mm. perfect to connect the 100mm band to a pole. very strong and safe for the horse
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Band 100mm - foto Band 100mm
Band for around the walker or fence for your padock. 100m wide PVC with 2 layers canvas.
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