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Treadmill Roller

This treadmill is fully equipped to train your Horse adequately. The roller treadmill is equipped with a roller bottom that has an extra massage effect. The micro rolls have a positive effect on the blood flow in the horses hoofs. The roller treadmill comes with two anti slip ramps and a drive with brake Electronics , two infrared light barriers , two closing rods and two high stable side walls. The bottom two side walls are fit with an extra protective plate. All steel parts are galvanized and powder coated.

The positive effect of treadmill training on the endurance of a horse is acknowledged in every discipline of equestrian sport and is essential in training a horses muscles.

The treadmill provides a safe an controlled training environment for your horse, ideal for rehabilitation and specific training exercises. The Q-line treadmills are designed and build according to the highest standards and safety is always are highest priority.

  • IR fall safety
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth finish
  • Diverse safety features
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • 220v / 2,2kw


Manual hydraulic incline system - foto Manual hydraulic incline system
Manual hydraulix incline system build on treadmill.
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Automatic hydraulic incline system - foto Automatic hydraulic incline system
Automatic hydraulic incline system 6% including control box with 6 programs
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