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Cool + Press Complete set 2

Massage and cooling for 2 legs

Article no. 640-5-00-03332


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  • Massage
  • Cooling
  • Mobil

Complete for 2 legs with Coolbox on Trolley.
The Cool and Press Boot combines the best features of cold therapy, heat therapy and massage. The complete set for 2 two legs consists of the following delivery: electronic control with protective bag, lead battery 12 V with protective pouch, special leather strap with air distribution complete, 2 pieces Cool + Press Boots complete for massage and cool / hot with 2 extra cool / heat pads, tail strap with double hoses and air distribution. Carrying bag incl. cooler bag for cold / hot pads.

The Cool and Press boots are also suitable for use on the road during competitions or training sessions. The coolbox on the Sport-Trolley is ideal for carrying the cool pads. The complete Cool and Press system can be conveniently placed in the transport bag, along with the cooler in the CaddyBag, on the trolley.

Very suitable for the prevention of tendon injuries after work and for treatment of acute injuries with a removable gel cooling pad.

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