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Cool + Press set 4

Massgae and Cooling for 4 legs

Article no. 640-5-00-00023


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  • Massage
  • Cooling

Set for 4 legs including sports bag
The Cool + Press Boot combines regulated cooling and pulsating massage, which are both universally accepted therapeutic procedures. It can be used when the horse is standing still, and when it is moving. It does not require plugging in while in use due to its efficient and powerful battery! It enables fast, effective treatment of the aches, pains and strains that can occur during training and in competition. In addition, it provides prophylactic physiotherapy. It allows alternating heat treatment and cooling pain relief, which makes it especially suitable for the treatment of injured tendons, tendon sheaths and suspensory ligaments. Other therapeutic applications include: the treatment of swollen legs (inactivity edemas) and acute traumas. Because of its compact design and remarkable portability, Cool + Press Boot can be used in a variety of settings instead of complicated and cost-intensive technologies such as water baths and cooling-compressor treatment systems.

Very suitable for the prevention of tendon injuries after work and for treatment of acute injuries with a removable gel cooling pad.