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Western saddle pad

Performance enhancing pad

Article no. 810-5-02-24176


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  • Perfect pressure distribution
  • Super shock absorption
  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight

The Sedelogic western pad has been developed to fit under the western saddles. Especially for the Western discipline, the special material properties of the Sedelogic products are very useful. The properties are the same as for the standard Sedelogic pads. However, the majority of this pad is thicker (3 layers - 23 mm)

The Sedelogic pad is the first saddle pad that has been developed where extensive pressure measurements were implemented. A team of technicians, veterinarians, a scientist from a university hospital and a renowned saddle maker, have developed this unique and performance enhancing pad using space and aerospace technology. This pad is suitable for all disciplines of equestrianism, for both the top athlete and the recreational rider.