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world's best selling solarium

more muscle elasticity and better blood circulation

Horse Solarium

Better blood circulation

Solariums can help improve your horse's performance and condition. The heat energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and helps stimulate blood circulation, this improves muscle elasticity and therefore your horse is less likely to suffer from injuries.The generated heat increases the rate in which the muscles can absorb blood sugars and expel lactic acids.

Warming Up

A pre exercise warm up under the solarium for horses will relax muscles and improve training performance by increasing blood circulation. The solarium helps your horse to recover quicker after exercise as the stimulated circulation allows the muscles to absorb blood sugars more quickly and speeds up the elimination of waste products from the muscles.

Lower energy costs, higher heat yield

A Q-Line solarium consumes considerably less energy than another solarium to achieve the same result.
The solarium parts of specially formulated plastic ensure minimal heat loss and the airflow from the fan is heated by the residual heat inside the solarium.
The infrared lamps in the Q-Line solariums are designed in such a way that they reach a higher temperature, unlike other lamps.

Maximum professionalism
  • Energy efficient
  • Plastic body
  • Plastic bulb housing
  • Perfect shape
  • Perfect airflow
  • Circulating heat
  • Special light bulbs
  • Ideal in wash bay
  • Completely enclosed body
  • Impact resistant
  • Isolated electrical parts
  • No openings or cracks
  • Safest on the market
  • Rounded edges
  • Chamfered neck
  • Sunken light bulbs
  • Shielded fans
  • Plugs out of horse reach
  • CE marking