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MaXuSS Extended

Solarium 230V

Article no. 20-5-15-00230

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  • Stylish Shaped
  • Lightweight Design
  • Flexible Shape Adjustment
  • High Heat Output
  • Heat Resistant plastic
  • Spray water proof

The solarium, with a beautifully finished body, follows the lines of the horse and consists of 3 main parts and 6 side units for extra warmth. so that each muscle group is properly lit by the IR lamps.By using a heat resistance plastic and placing the lamps in plastic lamp holders we can achieve a very high output.
The front and rear parts can move separately from each other so that you can always make the correct setting. The solarium is finished with rounded edges, which eliminates the risk of injury to your horse. The lamps are placed higher than the bottom surfaces. This minimizes the chance of contact with the warm IR lamps.

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