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MaXuSS Thera Solarium

with UV and RGB LED spots

Article no. 20-5-20-00230

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  • Stylish look
  • Lightweight design
  • Flexible shape setting
  • Higher heat output
  • Impact resistant plastic
  • Spray water proof
  • CE marking

Colors influence the physical condition of your horse. They have a positive, beneficial effect on the energy system and ensure that your horse is more in harmony.

Blue has a calming effect and leads to deep relaxation. This color has a positive effect on it multiple types of pain and has a harmonizing effect on the metabolism and bowel activity.
calms and ensures peace and satisfaction. It relaxes the organs and stimulates the body's detoxification.
is the color of the sun, makes you happy and gives new energy. This bright color helps to remove waste products and negative particles from the body.
is the color of the heart, lungs and muscles. It stimulates, activates and revitalizes. Red works water repellent and strengthens the immune system

The Maxuss Thera is one of the leading products. The beautifully finished body is made of two-colored heat-resistant plastic and consists of three parts that can be automatically adjusted to the correct position using the enclosed control box.

The solarium follows the lines of the horse, so that each muscle group is properly illuminated by the IR, UV and RGB lamps. The front and rear part can move fully electric separately from each other, so that you can always optimally adjust the solarium to the horse. The height relative to your horse can also be adjusted with the supplied lift, from the control box.

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