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MeRCuRR Solarium


Article no. 20-5-05-00230


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  • Healthy for horse
  • Good blood flow
  • Fewer injuries
  • Rapid lactic acid removal
  • Relaxes the horse
  • Fast drying
  • Higher muscle elasticity

Better blood flow
The infrared rays of the Q-Line solarium will improve blood circulation in the muscles, which improves the waste product management in the muscles and your horse is less likely to suffer from injuries. The infrared heat generated by the Q-Line solarium ensures that blood sugars are absorbed more quickly by the muscles. The lactic acid in the muscles is also drained faster.

Warm up
A warm-up under a Q-line solarium before training or competition relaxes the muscles and reduces the risk of injury. The solarium is ideal for drying your horse after a wash. Muscle elasticity is promoted by the heat generated by the Q-Line solarium and has a soothing effect in case of injuries.

The Q-line solariums are also available with the latest innovations in light therapy. By exposing the horse to certain light frequencies, a therapeutic effect is created and your horse will regain balance. In combination with the heat generated, your horse will recover faster after a heavy effort.

Energy efficient
A Q-Line solarium uses considerably less energy than another solarium brand to achieve the same result. The solarium parts of specially formulated plastic ensure minimal heat loss and the air flow from the fan is heated by the residual heat inside the solarium. The infrared lamps in the Q-Line solariums are designed in such a way that they reach a higher temperature than other lamps.

The Mercurr is made of impact-resistant, heat-resistant plastic and is very suitable for situations where less space is available. Due to its compact shape, the solarium in combination with a washing and cleaning area is the ideal care place for your horse. This model has a round cut-out at the horse's neck. The combination of 22 lamps and 4 fans provides a pleasant heating blanket over your horse.