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Warm-Up massage roller

Relax and warm up your horse's back muscles before you work him

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  • Relax your Horse
  • Loose back muscle
  • Good blood circulation

The Warm-Up massage blanket is used for loosening and strengthening the back muscles of the horse. The battery-controlled massage blanket combines the best features of the existing massage techniques: handmassage, pressure massage and vibration massage. The pressure massage optimally prepares the back for the subsequent vibration massage. He then can work in depth. The muscles are optimally perfused and supplied with food. Muscle fibers are formed and the muscles are strengthened. The release phase becomes shorter and the back muscles can start working immediately after take-off.

After injury and exercise breaks, the massage blanket helps to rebuild muscles without stress. Your horse is gently and effectively massaged. No mooring while sitting, but a nice relaxing swinging horseback.

The relaxation and stimulation of the back muscles increases the blood flow. This oxygenates the horse's muscles, and thus helps remove metabolic waste products. An adequate supply of oxygen is essential for the regeneration of muscle fibre. In the course of time, you may notice an increase in the horse's muscle mass. Even after riding the use of Warm-Up is recommended.