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About us

Equestrian expert and partner for the equestrian sport

What do we believe in?
We believe that a natural balance between horse and rider is among the best achievement. When the horse feels good, it performs better. If you wanting to improve welfare requires knowledge of horses, technique and man. Only then can you understand where the possibilities lie can lead to a sensible connection between horse, rider and technique based on respect for the animal.

How do we view our world?
People want the best for their horse, from performance and from the animal. However, we do see two types of people: horse people and people with a horse. The similarity between these two groups is that they both want the best for their horse. And that requires proven technology that is logical, sleek and well thought out in use.

What do we want to mean for our customers?
Create an environment using technique in which the horse and the rider can perform well in a natural way, we do everything for that. We deliver innovative technology for pure horsepower!

All Q-Line products are produced in the Netherlands.

Q-Line is located at Haarbrinksweg 47 in Geesteren in the middle of a real equestrian sports region of Twente.