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more muscle elasticity and better blood circulation

Horse Solarium

Solarium for Horses

For a high-quality solarium, check out Q-Line's offerings. The infrared rays from the horse solarium promote better muscle circulation, improving waste elimination and reducing the risk of injuries for your horse. This ensures excellent care for your horse.

Relax Your Horse's Muscles with this Solarium

The generated infrared warmth from the horse solarium facilitates faster absorption of blood sugars by the muscles. It also accelerates the removal of lactic acid from the muscles. Warming up under a Q-Line® horse solarium before training or competition relaxes the muscles and reduces the risk of injuries. The horse solarium is ideal for drying your horse after a wash. The heat from the solarium promotes muscle elasticity and provides relief for injuries. A solarium is an essential addition to any stable for the best care of your horse. Additionally, you can also find other equestrian supplies with us, such as a dressage arena.

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A horse solarium from Q-Line Equestrian offers various advantages for horse owners and professionals in the equestrian industry. Here are some reasons to consider purchasing a horse solarium:

Health and Well-being of the Horse
A horse solarium aids in drying wet horses after washing or training. Drying the horse is essential to prevent the animal from catching a cold, experiencing muscle pain, or developing skin issues. It also helps maintain the coat in good condition.

Muscle Recovery:

Infrared radiation from the solarium can help stimulate blood circulation and relax muscles. This can be especially beneficial for horses after intensive workouts or competitions, expediting the recovery process.

Treatment of Injuries:

Horses with specific injuries such as muscle stiffness or joint problems can benefit from using a solarium. Infrared radiation can assist in reducing inflammation and alleviating pain, contributing to the healing process.

Prevention of Skin Conditions:

Regular exposure to infrared radiation can help prevent skin conditions such as fungal infections, keeping the horse's skin clean and healthy.

Efficiency and Time Saving:

A horse solarium can expedite the drying process compared to natural drying in the sun or with towels. This saves time for horse owners and caretakers.

Professional Use:

For professional horse stables, breeding farms, and training facilities, a horse solarium can be a valuable investment. It helps ensure the overall health and well-being of the horses, which is essential for performance and success in the equestrian sports.

Maximum professionalism
  • Safest on the market
  • Rounded edges
  • Chamfered neck
  • Sunken light bulbs
  • Impact resistant
  • Shielded fans
  • Energy efficient
  • Plastic body
  • Plastic bulb housing
  • Perfect shape
  • Perfect airflow
  • Circulating heat
  • Special light bulbs
  • Ideal in wash bay
  • Completely enclosed body
  • Isolated electrical parts
  • No openings or cracks
  • Plugs out of horse reach
  • CE marking