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Horse dryer Sublime

18KW drying power

Horse dryer Sublime

Better circulation

Due to the warm air flow there will be a better blood circulation in the muscles, so that the waste management in the muscles improves and your horse will be less likely to suffer from injuries. The generated infrared heat ensures that blood sugars are absorbed by the muscles faster. The lactic acid in the muscles is also drained faster.

Warming Up or Cooling Down

A warm-up under a horse dryer from Q-line® for a workout or competition relaxes the muscles and reduces the risk of injury. The dryer for horses is ideal after a wash. The muscle elasticity is promoted by the heat of the solarium and has a soothing effect on injuries.

The healing dryer
  • 18 KW drying power
  • Dry quickly
  • Airflow adjustable
  • Temperature adjustable
  • Extra infrared heat
  • Extra lighting