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Ultimate shock-absorbing capacity


Discover the Revolution in Shock-Absorbing Saddle Pads by Sedelogic

A well-fitting horse saddle is crucial for comfortable and safe riding, tailored to both the horse and the rider. During training, a horse's back can change due to factors such as muscle development, weight fluctuations, improved fitness, and changes in body posture. Checking the saddle fit is essential, especially during these changes, to prevent discomfort and injuries.

In situations where the shape of the horse's back evolves, a Sedelogic saddle pad offers the perfect solution. These saddle pads, also known as saddle pads or pads, not only serve to protect against friction and pressure points but are also unparalleled in shock absorption. Sedelogic saddle pads have proven to be the most thoroughly tested and meticulously crafted shock-absorbing pads worldwide.

Why Sedelogic Saddle Pads?

Optimal Comfort and Health:
Sedelogic ensures an ideal saddle fit and weight distribution, preventing back injuries and musculoskeletal problems while minimizing issues caused by poorly fitting saddles.

Revolutionary Shock Absorption:
These saddle pads redistribute the weight away from pressure points on the horse's back, achieving something traditional pads cannot.

Sedelogic Technology:
The innovative line of thermoplastic saddle pads by Sedelogic provides a perfect fit for the unique shape of each horse's back. The thin, sturdy thermoplastic material is breathable and offers unparalleled shock absorption, weight distribution, and orthopedic benefits.

Whether you are a professional rider or enjoy riding on the weekends, trust Sedelogic for the ultimate riding experience. Discover the benefits of Sedelogic saddle pads for yourself and experience a new standard in shock absorption and comfort for both horse and rider.

Perfect fit
  • Ultimate shock absorption
  • Maintain the connection with the horse
  • Breathable structure
  • Perfect pressure distribution
  • Light weight
  • Washable