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Shelter and enclosure facility, protecting horses


Q-line track covers and full roof covers. Your Horses, Our Protection

Welcome to Q-line, your leading partner for high-quality track covers and full roof covers. Our solutions not only provide protection against weather elements such as sun, rain, and snow but also optimize your horses' daily training in the horse walker throughout the entire year.

Why Choose Q-line track covers and full roof covers?

Construction Details:
Our covers are crafted from galvanized beam steel of the highest quality, divided into multiple sections. Each component is meticulously calculated according to the prevailing building codes, ensuring sturdiness and safety.

The roofing consists of steel profile sheets with the renowned 32mm dam wall profile. Manufactured from durable steel and equipped with a high-quality coating, these sheets are tailor-made for your cover. You have the freedom to choose a color that suits your stable, with a reassuring 30-year warranty on the coating, supported by the manufacturer of the coated steel, Arcelor.

Anti-Condensation Felt:
Our roof sheets come standard with anti-condensation felt on the underside. This advanced felt absorbs moisture (up to 600 gr/m2) and minimizes condensation between periods of temperature fluctuations, maintaining a healthy climate for your horses.

Steel Profile Purlins:
The shelters are equipped with sturdy steel profile purlins. This versatile profile serves as a roof purlin, wall purlin, or floor beam and is reinforced by the inwardly curved extra lip. With a standard zinc layer of Z275 (275 g/m²) or ZMA140 (140 g/m²), these purlins are resistant to the test of time.

Snow Load:
Our covers are designed to withstand a snow load of up to 2500N, with the responsibility for the snow load lying with the customer. Our commitment to sustainability and safety is our utmost priority.

Choose Sustainability, Choose Q-line
In conclusion, we not only provide protection for your horses but also invest in the long-term functionality of your stable. Our high-quality construction, durable coating, and thoughtful details make Q-line covers the ideal choice for any stable. Contact us today and discover how we can elevate your stable to a higher standard.

  • Adequate crossing
  • Sustainable
  • Thermally galvanized
  • CE Marking
  • Robust construction
  • Calculated according to standard NEN-EN 1990:2002