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Controlled training

The training by the rider is often not enough to provide for the daily exercise of your horse. The Q-line® training products are an efficient aid in increasing and maintaining the condition of your horses.

Your horses are properly trained on muscle strength, vitality and endurance using the Q-line® training products. Agility, endurance, stronger bones and blood flow to the muscles improve significantly with the use of the Q-line® training products.


High regeneration

Cooling the horse's muscles is especially important after a workout or after a long ride, as the drop in temperature helps regenerate the tissue. In addition, cold therapy has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect and reduces swelling. The products can be easily put on the legs.

Vicky Jeffries

Already after the first treatment with the Warm-up I could finally, after 3 years of trying everything, normally mount my horse standing complete still and without stress. I’m amazed at the difference the mounty pad has made to Jack in less than a week.

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Practical items developed by Q-line for horses and riders

Q-Line develops equestrian equipment for riders and horses, combining the latest technology, practical functionality and 25 years of experience. Professionals and amateurs all over the world benefit from the latest Q-line product developments. Q-Line products offer practical solutions for everyday problems up to special needs in the care and training of the horse.

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