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Training Equipment for Your Horse

At Q-Line, you can find high-quality and reliable training equipment for your horse. Rider-led training is often insufficient to provide your horse with the daily exercise it needs. Q-Line® training equipment for your horse serves as an efficient tool to enhance and maintain the fitness of your horses. Explore all the essentials in our product range today.

Discover all the top-quality training equipment for your horse

With the help of Q-Line® training equipment, your horses will be trained effectively for muscle strength, vitality, and endurance. Agility, endurance, stronger bones, and muscle blood circulation significantly improve when using Q-Line® equestrian supplies. In addition to our extensive assortment, we also offer various other essentials for the stable, such as a horse irrigation system.

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You can find excellent training equipment for your horse in our product range. If you can't locate a specific product or have questions regarding payment and warranty, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to answer all your queries. You can reach us by calling +31(0)546633700 or sending an email to info@Q-Line.com.


Higher endurance

The Q-line® treadmill provides controlled training for your horse. Ideal for rehabilitation or targeted muscle training. The treadmill trainer is designed and built to the highest standards with safety for the horse first.

Research has shown that horses using a step / treadmill have significantly higher blood flow in the back and limbs.


Elastic and flexible

Vitality is life force, an abundance of energy. The first part of the word, vita, means life. Vibration technology provides overall stimulation of all your horse's muscles.

Massage and vibration improves blood flow and can serve as a training and massage method at the same time.

The constant pressure of the rider should be well distributed over the back. The saddle pad ensures that the pressure is distributed very evenly as a result of thespecial weaving technique. There is a pyramidal spread of the pressure through the different layers of the material.

Martina Regenberg, instructor at a riding school with people with disabilities.

A very great success with the mounting aid. Our disabled people appreciate the mounting aid because it gives them a very special sense of security. The mounting aid provides considerable relief for the horses, but also for people with disabilities here in the riding school. Themounting aid offers these people a sense of security.

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Practical items developed by Q-line for horses and riders

Q-Line develops equestrian equipment for riders and horses, combining the latest technology, practical functionality and 25 years of experience. Professionals and amateurs all over the world benefit from the latest Q-line product developments. Q-Line products offer practical solutions for everyday problems up to special needs in the care and training of the horse.

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