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Controlled training

The training by the rider is often not enough to provide for the daily exercise of your horse. The Q-line® training products are an efficient aid in increasing and maintaining the condition of your horses.

Your horses are properly trained on muscle strength, vitality and endurance using the Q-line® training products. Agility, endurance, stronger bones and blood flow to the muscles improve significantly with the use of the Q-line® training products.


Higher endurance

The Q-line® treadmill provides controlled training for your horse. Ideal for rehabilitation or targeted muscle training. The treadmill trainer is designed and built to the highest standards with safety for the horse first.

Research has shown that horses using a step / treadmill have significantly higher blood flow in the back and limbs.


Elastic and flexible

Vitality is life force, an abundance of energy. The first part of the word, vita, means life. Vibration technology provides overall stimulation of all your horse's muscles.

Massage and vibration improves blood flow and can serve as a training and massage method at the same time.

The constant pressure of the rider should be well distributed over the back. The saddle pad ensures that the pressure is distributed very evenly as a result of thespecial weaving technique. There is a pyramidal spread of the pressure through the different layers of the material.

Lily Borden

For a while now I was looking for the ideal half pad because, just like good leg protection, I also find back protection very important. The S Curve pad has super good shock absorption! It is also a beautiful pad that lies inconspicuously under the saddle. Q-line gave us very friendly instructions on how to use the pad exactly, so that it shaped exactly to our horse. After warming and riding, the pad took the shape of our horse's back. As if tailor-made.

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Practical items developed by Q-line for horses and riders

Q-Line develops equestrian equipment for riders and horses, combining the latest technology, practical functionality and 25 years of experience. Professionals and amateurs all over the world benefit from the latest Q-line product developments. Q-Line products offer practical solutions for everyday problems up to special needs in the care and training of the horse.

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