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World’s most sold vibration floor

for better blood circulation and quick injury recovery

VITAFLOOR vibration floor

The vibration floor for horses

The Vitafloor® vibration system offers a safe and convenient method to provide horses with versatile physical training and massage in a single session. This approach leads to noticeable improvements in blood circulation, not only in the legs but also, according to research, in the organs and upper body of the horse. This promotes overall health, reduces the risk of injuries, and accelerates the healing process, including prevention and treatment of specific forms of colic. Vitafloor® is specifically designed for horses and utilizes established physical and technological principles of "Whole Body Vibration," similar to those used to enhance bone density and muscle mass in astronauts. This technique is globally recognized among humans to promote overall fitness and stimulate fat burning. The vibrations enhance blood flow without requiring the horse to actively move, making it an extremely effective therapy for horses that are not actively trained or have limited mobility.

Vitafloor offers advanced training and rehabilitation equipment, such as the freestanding VMC vibration plate model. This model is available with various options, including side rails and incline blocks, and is designed with mobility in mind, making it easily transportable to events like multi-day competitions.

Additionally, Vitafloor presents larger built-in models, VM1 and VM2, for use in horse stalls. These models can be customized to fit existing stables. During a session on a Vitafloor stall model, horses can move freely, which is the safest option as they are unrestrained in the stall. As an additional feature, some stall models offer the 'air lift' function, where the floor moves slowly up and down. This adds an extra dimension to vibration training, leading to increased muscle development and core stability.

Vitafloor collaborates globally with leading veterinarians, trainers, riders, and independent specialists from various disciplines within the equestrian sport. This collective goal is to create an optimal and secure environment for the training and rehabilitation of horses.
Horse vibrating floor
  • Whole body vibration
  • Improved blood flow
  • Treating Colic
  • Helps with laminitis
  • Stimulates hoof growth
  • Flexible back muscles
  • Faster recovery of tendon injuries
  • Improved bone density
  • Increases testosterone
  • muscle gain
  • Elasticity increases
  • faster recovery
  • Lowers cortisol
  • Durable materials
  • Easy operation
  • Noiseless