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solarium with warm air blowers

Article no. 20-5-30-00400


€7.591,00 VAT not included

  • 18KW drying power
  • Fast drying
  • Air flow adjustable
  • Temperature adjustable
  • Extra infrared heat
  • Additional lighting

The Zephyr horse dryer is an indispensable part in the proper care of every horse. By means of a Q-line horse dryer you can treat your horse with warm air after a wash
The dryer is ideal for drying your horse after a wash. By drying your horse faster, there is less chance of a cold or other respiratory ailments. The muscle elasticity is promoted by the heat of the dryer and has a soothing effect on injuries.
Zephyros the ancient Greek name for the west wind, which is generally light and beneficial.
It has evolved into "zephyr" which gives a gentle warm breeze. The Zephyr has warm air blowers to dry your horse quickly after a wash. The blowers are infinitely adjustable. This allows you to quickly and easily set the desired temperature and air speed for your horse.

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